Clubhouse founder Daisy Keech explains why she’s leaving the org

Published: 4/Aug/2020 22:47

by Virginia Glaze


TikToker and YouTube star Daisy Keech is leaving the Clubhouse, a content group meant to house female creators — despite having founded the organization herself after exiting the Hype House in March.

Daisy Keech ruffled TikTok feathers after exposing one of the app’s biggest content groups, the Hype House, claiming that fellow co-founder Thomas Petrou was making important business decisions without her knowledge.

Shortly thereafter, Keech left the group to found her own organization, the Clubhouse, which featured several female content creators like YouTuber and Instagram model Abby Rao.

However, nearly five months later, Keech has announced that she is leaving content groups behind altogether, revealing that she is exiting the Clubhouse to follow passions outside of YouTube and TikTok.

In an August 4 YouTube video, Keech explained that she wants to pursue interior design and home renovation, and is currently living on her own, rather than with a group of fellow content creators.

“The reason I’m moving out is that I really need to focus on myself and my own brand that I truly want to build,” she began. “I’ve just been thinking, like, what’s my passion in life? Like, what makes me happy?”

“As I was looking for homes, I was like, ‘Wow, I would love to start buying homes and renovating them,’” she continued. “For me, the whole interior design, and making the outside super aesthetic and pretty, like, that feeds something in my soul.”

This marks a major turn for the TikTok star, with Keech having moved out of the Hype House over legal concerns in March.

According to Keech, co-founder Thomas Petrou had left her out of important brand deals and even denied her access to the group’s social media accounts.

That’s not all; Keech even took legal action against the Hype House and sued the group, although no news has yet to come of her suit at the time of writing.

For now, fans will have to watch and wait for interior design updates from the TikToker. Who knows; she could be the next Property Brothers!


Sodapoppin & The Kittens explain why they’ve quit OfflineTV’s Rust server

Published: 19/Jan/2021 13:44

by Connor Bennett


Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris and Vigors, two key members of the Kitten’s group on the OfflineTV Rust server, are taking a break from the RP server. 

Even though Rust was first released in 2013, it’s experienced incredible levels of popularity in recent weeks thanks to some of Twitch’s biggest streamers.

They’ve, mostly, been flocking to the OfflineTV servers – The Badlands and The Divide – for a bit of roleplaying and PVP action, and it’s given fans some incredible moments. 

While some players have called it out as a phase, and are expecting streamers to move on in one fell swoop, they haven’t just yet. However, a few names are starting to depart from the server, even if it’s just for a break. 

rust vehicle
Facepunch Studios
Creator’s have flocked to OfflineT’sV RP server ‘The Divide’.

The main two that have departed so far are Sodapoppin and Vigors. They make up part of the Kittens group on the OfflineTV RP server, where they finish every sentence by saying meow. 

Sodapoppin hinted at quitting a few weeks back when the OfflineTV server first got going, but didn’t, and moved over to the new server when more creators where invited. 

He hasn’t played Rust – on stream, anyway – since January 17, saying he’s just not in the mood. “I don’t feel like streaming Rust at atm,” he tweeted on January 18 after a creator skin for his group went live. “I streamed it for 2 hours, but they now made it a drop for mostly everyone’s channel since I have no interest in streaming Rust which is awesome, just filling y’all in.”

Vigors echoed Sodapoppin’s tweet a few hours later, hinting at more members of the Kittens taking a break from Rust.

“Our dumb little group had a fun as f**k time on the rust server but we deciding to take a break for now, he posted. “Met a f**k ton of dope people and am glad I got to experience this last month. Meow.”

In his day not playing Rust, Sodapoppin has still been streaming, but he and others have moved on to different multiplayer games. He’s even made a few returns to VRChat, even getting his Dad to experience it. 

The group could very well return to Rust at some point in the future, but that’ll be up to them. Who knows, everyone else might have moved on to something else by the time they’re ready.