Cloak stunned after disgusting ad appears on Twitch: "What the heck?!" - Dexerto

Cloak stunned after disgusting ad appears on Twitch: "What the heck?!"

Published: 22/Sep/2019 11:49

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite star Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore was left stunned by a disgusting advert on Twitch as he tried to watch another streamer’s broadcast. 

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When it comes to making money on Twitch, streamers can do so through building a fan base, turning followers into subscribers, and even receiving donations throughout the stream for their hard work – or to even prompt a bit of chat spam. 

There are also more traditional ways too, with brand deals, sponsorships, and having advertisements run on a stream – provided viewers don’t have adblock software enabled. However, streamers don’t get to choose the adverts that run, which has prompted outrage in the past as broadcasters have had to promote rival channels. 


Yet, there may be a new problem about to rear its head, with some strange trailers for TV shows popping up.

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CloakzyCloak [L] has taken his Fortnite success and carved out a massive fanbase on Twitch.

During his September 21 stream, Cloak had been dropping in on Mason ‘Symfuhny‘ Lanier’s Fortnite trios stream when he was greeted with an advertisement. 

Of course, Lepore clicked play in a bid to support his fellow content creator but was left bemused as a character in the trailer picked up a pigeon and bizarrely bit its head clean off – showing plenty of blood. 

“What the heck? Why is that an ad on Twitch?” Cloak asked, stunned by what he had just witnessed. 


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As his chat filled with some laughter and even more disgust, the Fortnite star tried to find some answers but remained stunned by what had just unfolded.

“There’s an ad on Twitch of biting a bird’s head off?” he asked, again looking at his viewers for any possible answers. After a few brief moments of silence, Cloak added: “What the fuck!”

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The advert in question isn’t for a new Amazon Prime show, but instead, a new release from FXX, so it could very well be taken out of the ad pool if creators aren’t happy with what they’re promoting. 


If that happens, however, still remains unknown, but it’s clear that Cloak absolutely isn’t a fan of what he saw.