Cloakzy finally hits Twitch streamer market again after messy FaZe exit: “Sign me up!”

Isaac McIntyre
Cloakzy sits next to Nadeshot as Twitch streamer free agent.

Popular Twitch streamer Dennis ‘Cloakzy’ Lepore is actively looking to join another esports organization after his planned Florida move, following his high-profile split from gaming giants FaZe Clan earlier this year.

Cloakzy has spent the last two years trying to get out of his 2017 deal with FaZe, after Tfue’s drawn-out battle with the org revealed Lepore’s agreement was actually also “illegal” and ill-favored for the star.

Like Tfue’s situation, Cloakzy claimed he was in a “really bad contract” and attempted to cordially split with FaZe. The planned exit dragged on for almost two years, however, with Lepore “trapped” ⁠— according to the star creator ⁠—  by several contract clauses that favored FaZe in the dispute.

That all finally came to an end on March 9.

Now Cloakzy is a free agent on the very busy content creator market, and the Twitch star plans to take full advantage of his “freedom” to join another popular org.

Twitter: Cloakzy
Cloakzy and Tfue both battled through high-profile FaZe Clan splits in the past two years.

The former Fortnite pro admitted he “really wants to join a new org” midway through his June 6 stream, and revealed he’s already sent his agency to feel out options on the Twitch market.

“I kinda wanna join an org,” the streamer repeated twice.

There are a few issues Cloakzy will face if he wants to link up with another one of the heavyweight esports organizations. Perhaps the biggest options on the market right now are FaZe Clan and 100 Thieves. One is, of course, off the table. The other, 100 Thieves, has just waded into the market on a spending spree.

Nadeshot’s esports organization just snapped up Twitch duo Kyedae and Fuslie, and promoted long-time creators Jack “CouRage” Dunlop and Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter into ownership roles around the same time.

“[The problem is] I don’t think anyone is picking up creators right now. 100 Thieves? They’re signing everyone… [but] I don’t know who’s picking people up.”

CouRage has touched on Cloakzy’s signing before too: “I want Cloakzy to join 100 Thieves! But he’s got to get his sh*t figured out. I do think he’s a great fit.”

Another option Cloakzy’s Twitch chat suggested was for the star to start his own organization. The Warzone pro knocked back that idea fairly quickly, however. “Start my own org?” he read out. “Yeah, I don’t know about that bro.”

For now, Cloakzy will mainly be occupied with his Florida move. Dexerto will keep you updated on any possible 2021 signings for the Warzone superstar.