Chris Brown faces backlash for hanging out with YouTuber Austin McBroom

Chris Brown, Austin McBroom - Instagram

American rapper and singer-songwriter Chris Brown is facing backlash from fans for an unexpected reason, after being seen hanging out with popular YouTuber Austin McBroom.

While Chris Brown boasts his own fair share of controversies, it doesn’t look like the music artist is being slammed by fans for any fault of his own after posting a divisive video to Twitter.

Instead, his fanbase is upset over another personality featured in the clip, which shows Brown busting a move with fellow rapper Tyga and YouTuber Austin McBroom.

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McBroom is the patriarch of the internet-famous ACE family, best known for their viral family vlogs and massive annual charity basketball game, which sees such celebrity invitees as Snoop Dogg, Lil Pump and other top YouTube stars.

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However, McBroom also boasts a somewhat divisive history on the video platform — which apparently has Chris Brown’s fans up in arms, as evidenced by comments underneath his Twitter video with the YouTuber.

“The only Gang I see is you and Tyga,” one displeased fan commented. “We don’t like Austin.”

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“Why is Austin there?” a commenter comically asked.

Those aren’t the worst of the criticisms, either: some users slammed both McBroom and Brown, with one critic writing, “Chris Brown and Austin McBroom hanging out… not surprising, since they’re both pieces of s**t.”

“Chris brown & Tyga are really associate with Austin McBroom,” another Tweeted. “The f**king cringe I do NOT support.”

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McBroom came under fire in January 2019 for letting his young daughter eat a suggestively-shaped lollipop from Spencer’s, earning the YouTuber ample backlash across social media despite claiming that his child insisted upon having the candy.

Austin McBroom, Instagram
YouTuber and ACE Family patriarch Austin McBroom came under fire in lte 2019 after announcing a short hiatus from family vlogs.

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The ACE Family star also faced outrage from fans after announcing an unexpected break from holiday YouTube uploads, with critics accusing him of failing to keep his promises — prompting him to clap back at “ungrateful” viewers over the issue.

No matter the case, it doesn’t look like fans are happy seeing the two celebs breaking it down for the camera any way you slice it.

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