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Chinese VTuber’s kidnapping claim deemed fake by agency after six-month hiatus

Published: 2/Jun/2022 6:20 Updated: 2/Jun/2022 6:03

by Dave Deiley


Chinese VTuber Porin went viral after claims she was kidnapped, leading to a six-month hiatus. However, her agency has denied this story, citing a police investigation allegedly uncovering no evidence.

柏凛Pori, translated to ‘Sleeping Devil Porin’, was thrusted into the international spotlight after a damning video posted onto the Chinese social media platform bilibili on May 21.

In the video, Porin claimed that her six-month period of inactivity was due to her being kidnapped and abused. The streamer’s graphic descriptions garnered international attention.

Porin stated she was taken in by an “Aunty”, a term specifically used to refer to middle-aged women involved in triad activity.


However, the VTuber’s story has since been called into question.

The VTuber’s agency, MOFU-F, released a statement rebutting Porin’s story, claiming she fabricated it for attention on the internet. The agency states Chinese police looked into the story and “verified the content is untrue.”

There’s been no official statement from any police body surrounding the incident, and MOFU-F has not offered an alternate explanation for Porin’s hiatus.

Porin’s original video has since been taken down from Bilibili.

Without an official investigation into the events described by Porin, fans of the VTuber have been left dissatisfied with the statement by MOFU-F.


Some fans are in open opposition of the agency statement wishing to show support and “tell her we believe her“.

Human trafficking and kidnapping is a problem in China. Abduction of women in the country occurs at a rate several times that of comparable nations.

Porin has not responded to the agency’s claim. We will update you as new information comes to light.