Cheerleader goes viral for saving March Madness basketball game

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Two cheerleaders from Indiana University went viral after the ball got stuck above the glass during their college’s March Madness game and they saved it with a clutch cheerleading move.

On March 17, Saint Mary’s took on Indiana during the first round of March Madness, the annual college basketball tournament.

Although many viewers and attendees were excited about the match, the most eventful moment of the night had nothing to do with the players on the court.

Right after the start of the second half, the ball got stuck above the glass of the backboard. After the referees and players couldn’t successfully unlodge the ball, two Indiana cheerleaders took it upon themselves to retrieve it by one launching the other straight up into the air to grab it from above the 10-foot-high rim.

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The move saved the game and riled up both the crowd and announcers into an absolute frenzy.

Cheerleaders save college basketball game with routine move

The moment went viral online, with the tweet above getting over 18k retweets and 120k likes in under 24 hours.

The cheerleaders who saved the day were Cassidy Cerny and Nathan Paris from the Indiana Cheerleading squad.

Cassidy posted a picture from the viral moment to her Instagram page with the caption, “Don’t worry guys, I got it.”


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College basketball fans took a moment to recognize how wild it was to reach that high.

One fan posted a picture of the moment from a different viewpoint and said, “Done all the way from the floor. Routine for them. Amazing to me.”

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The moment ended up being the highlight for Indiana, as the team ended up losing to Saint Mary’s and took a first-round exit from the tournament.

Despite Indiana’s basketball team losing, cheerleading history was made.