Chase Hudson thanks fans after opening up about mental health struggle

Andrew Amos. Last updated: Sep 24, 2020
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TikTok star Chase Hudson has opened up about his mental health struggles in the past few months, thanking his fans for “feeding him the positive energy.”

Chase Hudson has had an up-and-down past few months, including his break-up with Charli D’Amelio, as well as various other rumors that have sprouted.

All of these things have taken a toll on the TikTok star, who has opened up about his struggles. Hudson said that he is a “vulnerable person,” and has been dealing with his “emotions” a lot since quarantine kicked off.

Chase Hudson sitting in front of rose bush
Twitter: Chase Hudson
Hudson has opened up to fans about his mental health struggles during quarantine.

“I’m a vulnerable person. I write a lot, I talk about my feelings a lot, I feel a lot of different emotions,” Lilhuddy said in a September 23 Instagram story.

He mentioned that one of his best coping strategies was to just let go of social media. Hudson has been putting his phone down more often, instead focusing on improving himself outside of the limelight.

“I’ve been going through a bunch of sh*t recently because everyone goes through sh*t and I’ll let y’all know that it’s healthiest for me or anyone to just set their phone down and talk to somebody or spend some time with themselves.

“Social media seriously affects your mental health. That sh*t can get tough during quarantine ⁠— I know that. Spend some time outdoors, cook some food, go for a run. I want to see y’all thriving during these tough times.

Hudson also thanked his fans for being by his side, and even reciprocated the affection. He told anyone who was struggling that they can “let go” in his DMs.


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“I f**k with you guys heavy. You guys always have my back through everything and feed me the positive energy that I need when I’m down.

“I try and give back as much as I can being one person and reciprocating the same energy back is impossible but I can, and I will, let you know that you guys are my f**king everything.”

It comes after rumors Hudson almost took his own life in September. The TikTok star debunked those claims, stating “I’m just a sad person, I’m not suicidal.”