Charly Jordan and Tayler Holder spotted holding hands as romance rumors rise

Charly Jordan Tayler Holder spotted holding handsYouTube: Charly Jordan

TikTok stars Charly Jordan and Tayler Holder have been fueling rumors that they’re getting back together — and the speculation seems all but solidified after they were caught holding hands while leaving a party.

Jordan and Holder have had a fairly intriguing romantic timeline. After splitting up with ex-girlfriend Sommer Ray in July 2020, Holder got together with Jordan in October, announcing their relationship with a humorous Q & A session.

However, things weren’t exactly smooth sailing all the way; in March 2021, the two influencers revealed they were breaking up in a somber YouTube video.

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Although things seemed amicable between them, it quickly devolved into a battle of “he-said, she-said,” with Jordan feeling as though her side of the breakup was not accurately portrayed in Holder’s reality show — although Holder argued that he’d given her multiple opportunities to appear in the production.

It appeared as though things were well and truly done for the couple… but come July, rumors of a rekindled romance for Charly and Tayler surged, thanks to photos taken at an Independence Day bash the two attended.

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That’s not all; over a week later, Charly and Tayler were spotted leaving a party by paparazzi from The Daily Stardust, who caught the influencers bashfully holding hands.


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Despite some intense questioning from the paps, the influencers revealed nothing regarding… whatever it is they have going on.

Instead, Jordan responded with a “No comment,” while Tayler joked that it “had to be photoshop, it couldn’t be us” when the photographer claimed he’d seen the couple hugging at the party.

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For now, it doesn’t look like these social media stars are letting anything slip — but that isn’t stopping fans from being hopeful that “Chayler” will become an official item again sometime soon.