Charlie Puth reveals the surprising reason he started TikTok

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Charlie Puth revealed his motivation behind uploading detailed videos on TikTok in an interview with Popcrush on YouTube, mentioning that he “loves to teach.” 

If you’re on MusicTok — the section of TikTok that focuses on musical artists large and small — you’ve likely come across Charlie Puth and his infamous videos where he details his life and progress creating music.

Some of his most viral videos show the creator making a random sound, like a light switch turning on and off, and telling his viewers what music note the sound is. His detailed videos played a big part in the popularity of his single: Lightswitch.

In an interview with Popcrush, Puth revealed his motivation behind uploading to TikTok — mentioning that his love for teaching is behind it.

Charlie Puth TikTok Light SwitchCharlie Puth
Charlie Puth released Lightswitch on January 20, 2022, after months of promoting it on TikTok.

Charlie Puth explains why he uploads to TikTok

In an interview on April 8, Popcrush host Lauryn Snapp asked Charlie questions regarding his upcoming album — and how TikTok helped him decide to self-title it.

They went on to talk about TikTok, a social media platform where Puth has amassed over 16 million followers. The musician then revealed the motivation behind his consistent uploads.

“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I feel like I’m teaching [people my techniques],” he explained. “I think that my TikTok page is just me teaching people things, and I want to learn things as well. It’s basically a food channel but without food.”

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In the months leading up to the January release of Lightswitch, Charlie Puth provided constant video updates on the sounds and progress of the song.

Popular producer Benny Blanco began uploading videos roasting the musician for taking so long to release the single. However, The Chainsmokers revealed on IMPAULSIVE that the whole interaction was staged, and the two are actually friends.