Charli D’Amelio surprises Lil Huddy with hilarious ‘break-up cake’ to celebrate new album

Georgina Smith
Charli D'Amelio next to Lil Huddy
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TikTok sensation Charli D’Amelio surprised ex-boyfriend Chase Hudson a.k.a. Lil Huddy with a hilarious cake to celebrate the release of his new album.

Rumors about two of TikTok’s biggest stars, Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson, first started gaining traction in 2019, but the pair didn’t confirm they were dating until February 2020.

Then, in April that same year, the pair revealed they had broken up, leaving plenty of their fans shocked.

However, the pair have been on good terms since then, and Charli even appeared in one of Chase a.k.a. Lil Huddy’s music videos, for his song ‘America’s Sweetheart.’

Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson together in 'America's Sweetheart' music video
Fans loved the pair’s performance in the video.

Chase has had a pretty successful music career so far, and his biggest highlight has now been the release of his debut album, ‘Teenage Heartbreak.’

Fans have of course been hugely supportive of the star and his latest endeavor, and even Charli had her own special way of showing her support.

In a story posted by Chase, he shows off a purple cake with white icing that reads: “Sorry for breaking your heart, but at least I gave you something to write about.”


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“Thanks, Charli,” he says, zooming in on Charli who smiles and says, “sorry.”

In another video from the evening, Charli is talking to the camera with Chase sitting behind her, as she says: “I would just like to say you’re welcome to Lil Huddy for giving you an album topic to write about.” The camera then zooms into Chase’s slightly baffled face in the background.


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Fans love seeing the pair on such good terms, and definitely appreciated Charli’s sense of humor with her creative celebration cake.