Charli D’Amelio shuts down Chase Hudson ‘If You Ask Me To’ song rumors

Charli D'amelio debunks if you ask me to song rumors chase hudsonYouTube: SiriusXM

TikTok star Charli D’Amelio has shut down rumors surrounding her first song, ‘If You Ask Me To” after fans theorized the track was about her ex-boyfriend, Chase Hudson.

Charli D’Amelio has transitioned from her status as a TikTok star and dancer to being a budding music artist after releasing her very first single, ‘If You Ask Me To,’ in late October.

The song was well-received by fans, but Charli admitted that she was hesitant to dive into the industry for fear of stepping on her older sister’s toes. (Dixie has already established a career for herself in the field.)

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Luckily, fans are excited about this new chapter in Charli’s life… and, of course, are already making up a bunch of theories as to what — or who — her song is actually about.

Charli’s song ‘If You Ask Me To’ follows the tumultuous emotions of a girl who can’t get the guy she wants because he’s already taken by someone else.

Fans were curious if the song was about her ex, fellow TikToker and music artist Lil Huddy, or her current boyfriend, Landon Barker, with whom she just celebrated her four-month anniversary.

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Charli D’Amelio shuts down ‘If You Ask Me To’ song rumors

Charli has now put the rumors to rest, saying in a recent interview with Sirius XM that the song isn’t actually about anyone. Instead, Charli says that she wrote the track about a made-up scenario using “bits and pieces” of her own life experiences.

“I decided I didn’t want to write this about a real-life story, you know?” the influencer admitted. “I kind of took little bits and pieces of things I’ve been through, things that the other writers that I was with had been through and kind of just like, all put our brains together and created this story about this poor girl who cannot get this guy no matter how hard she tries.”

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Charli also opened up about the meaning of her song’s title, explaining that she’s a “people pleaser at heart” and that she “likes to try to make people happy.”

This latest tell-all comes after the star debunked breakup rumors between herself and Landon after fans worried the couple had silently parted ways.