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Charli D’Amelio hits out at TikTok trolls body shaming Kouvr

Published: 10/Aug/2020 11:16

by Jacob Hale


TikTok star Charli D’Amelio has hit out at trolls on the platform body shaming fellow Hype House member Kouvr Annon, who wrote a lengthy statement herself regarding the issue.

Despite her young age, Charli has faced her fair share of criticism online thanks to her TikTok fame, but this time the shoe was on another foot and she opted to practice what she preaches, standing up for her friend after a hateful TikTok video was posted about her.


In the original video, the troll used a popular sound, but cut it off when it said “fat,” leaving a picture of Kouvr on the screen.

Kouvr annon photo
Instagram: k0uvr
Kouvr says she has always struggled with her body image.

Both Charli and Kouvr commented on the video, imploring the user to do better and not be disrespectful, but they also took to social media to spread a wider message for more to see.


Kouvr herself wrote a long statement, explaining that she’s struggled with her body image for a long time and that she “constantly hated the way she looked.”

At the end of her statement, she reminded readers that “before you take the time out of your day to tear someone down, you could just as easily lift someone up.”

Charli posted two tweets several hours later. In the first, she simply implored her followers to “stop body shaming,” but followed it up with another, more insightful one.


“I can’t understand why some people think it’s okay to talk about someone’s looks, weight, sexual identity, etc in a negative way,” she said, adding that it can be hurtful to not only the intended recipient but others in similar boats, too.

Obviously, and unfortunately, online trolls are part and parcel of social media fame. It goes without saying that body shaming is not acceptable, and seeking to hurt others online shouldn’t be used for cheap laughs.

Charli and Kouvr have both made that abundantly clear now — hopefully it helps the original troll see the error of his ways.


Logan Paul mindblown after pulling rare Pokemon cards worth $3000

Published: 1/Oct/2020 13:11

by Jacob Hale


Logan Paul has become an avid Pokemon card collector throughout the latter half of 2020, and treated fans of his Impaulsive podcast to watch him open a rare pack, the contents of which he was delighted with.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game originally got going in 1999 and now, over two decades later, is worth more than ever, with rare cards making sellers hundreds of thousands of dollars if they’ve kept their collection in good condition.


He recently revealed some of the collection he had been building up, including a first edition shadowless Charizard that could fetch anywhere between $40,000 to $60,000 at auction.

Letting his fans into the hobby, Logan opted to buy a pack of Base Set trading cards for $500 online and opened it live on Impaulsive.

Logan Paul 1st edition Charizard
Instagram: loganpaul
Logan’s 1st edition Charizard is a prized possession.

Obviously, when you’re spending $500 on a single pack of cards, you’ve got to be pretty hopeful of the results, but Paul insisted he always gets his rarest cards from the seller he bought it from.

So, he opened them and revealed each card one-by-one, including a Squirtle which he expects to fetch around $200-300, perhaps more as he believes it to have a PSA grade of 10 — or, the best condition it could possibly be.

Alongside the regular Energy cards and some more Pokemon such as Gastly and Poliwhirl, Paul also packed a Blastoise, again expecting it to be PSA graded 10/10, which he says should fetch around $2500 — meaning the total value of the individual cards could fetch around $3000 if his valuations are correct.


Obviously, the valuations may be slightly off, but Logan has at least made his money back for this pack — and if he’s made a profit then more power to him.

There’s some serious money to be made in the Pokemon Trading Card Game now, especially as it enjoys somewhat of a resurgence of late, so it might be worth digging out those old cards and see what you’ve got laying around: you never know how much money you could be sitting on.