Chance Sutton hits back at Jake Paul’s allegations of YouTube account theft

. 4 years ago

Former Team 10 member and YouTuber Chance Sutton has responded to social media star Jake Paul’s claims that he stole his joint YouTube account with Anthony Trujillo – which Sutton vehemently denies.

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Paul described the incident to YouTuber Shane Dawson in the fifth episode of his documentary series, where Paul stated that Sutton stole the account before leaving Team 10 in May.

Sutton wrote his account of the incident in a Twitter post on October 9, where he called Paul’s claims “the biggest lie,” and stated that the channel had nearly been stolen from himself, instead.

“…I didn’t ‘steal’ our channel, I almost got it stolen from me, and I was still willing to share it after that happened,” he claimed. “When are y’all gonna stop believing these bullshit lies?”

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According to Sutton, he’d made himself a manager of the channel in order to avoid the account’s password being changed on him – which he feared might happen upon his exiting the group.

Sutton claimed that Anthony then changed the password the very next day at Jake and Greg Paul’s behest. Sutton changed the password again following this incident, and offered to split the account with Anthony.

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However, Anthony allegedly refused this offer, and instead decided to use Jake Paul’s second channel.

A screenshot of texts during the incident reveal a fairly civil conversation between Anthony and Sutton over the matter.

“It’s fine, you can have it,” Anthony replied to Sutton’s suggestion to split their account.

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While Paul hasn’t directly responded to Sutton’s allegations, he has since  retweeted a Tweet that commended Paul’s generosity toward Anthony by giving him his second channel.

Dawson’s sixth episode will air on Thursday, October 11.

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