Censor reacts to finding out his girlfriend is “pregnant”

Marylin, Censor - YouTube

Call of Duty pro Doug “Censor” Martin famously gave up his relationship with weathercaster Yanet Garcia to focus on gaming – only revealing his new romance a year later.

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Censor unveiled his relationship with girlfriend Marylin on July 21, explaining that he’d kept her out of the limelight for an entire year due wanting to keep their romance private.

“The last thing I want to do in terms of a relationship is bring a camera around with me and vlog what I’m doing,” Censor admitted. “That wouldn’t make our relationship work.”

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The two have since uploaded a slew of videos together, with Censor surprising his lady love with lavish gifts, working out, and even letting Marylin shave his head bald – but that wasn’t the end of their content, by far.

Marylin decided to take their videos a step further with one of the oldest pranks in the book – by spooking her boyfriend with a fake pregnancy test, sneakily setting up the camera just outside the kitchen to capture his reaction.

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Censor, InstagramCensor finally revealed his girlfriend Marylin to the world a year after parting ways with Yanet Garcia.
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She began her “confession” by explaining that she’d been nauseous for several days, finally “admitting” she was pregnant by showing him the false test and even apologizing for the “pregnancy.”

“Why are you sorry?” Censor asked. “It’s my fault. I’m the one who did it, right? …you’re acting really weird right now and I think that’s amazing. We have the means, we can do it. I just wanna make sure I’m being supportive, you know? So whatever you wanna do, I’m here for you.”

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Censor’s wholesome reaction follows a similar pregnancy prank from YouTube star Tana Mongeau, who sent her then-fiance Jake Paul into tears with her fake “announcement” in late July.

“Fuck everyone else, like for real,” Paul said of Tana’s “concerns” that fans would think they were merely getting married due to her “pregnancy.” “This is between us. Fuck what anyone thinks. We did something, and now we have to take responsibility for it.”

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Despite his status as a controversial figure, Paul’s heartwarming reaction moved much of Mongeau’s fanbase: and considering Censor’s equally heartstring-tugging response, its safe to say that the future generation might be in good hands. (Maybe.)

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