Censor and girlfriend ask fans to stop mentioning Yanet Garcia

Censor and girlfriend Marilyn, Yanet GarciaInstagram: censor, iamyanetgarcia

Former Call of Duty pro Doug ‘Censor’ Martin and his girlfriend have asked fans to stop bringing up his ex-girlfriend Yanet Garcia during a YouTube Q&A.

Censor had a very public relationship with Garcia, who was a weather girl in Mexico when the two first got together, and an even more public split.

In 2018, after three years together, Censor and Yanet went their separate ways to focus on their careers, with the former FaZe Clan member setting his sights on winning a Call of Duty World Championship.

That wasn’t to be, though, and fans haven’t let him or his current girlfriend forget.

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Censor and girlfriend MarilynInstagram: censor
Censor and Marilyn got together in 2018, shortly after his split from Yanet.

Although Censor has been with Marilyn for two years now, they frequently get messages and comments under their posts talking about Yanet, and clearly the ongoing mentions have got to them as they addressed the issue in a new YouTube video.

While doing a Q&A session for fans, they decided to talk about one question in particular: “Who does it better, Marilyn or Yanet?” Doug and Marilyn then laid out the issue for their fans and viewers.

“Marilyn is my partner and I love her, and it’s not fair for her to come into the social media world and just get slammed all the time,” Censor explained, with Marilyn adding that the comments make her “so uncomfortable.”

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Topic starts at 3:09

Marilyn went on to call comments about Yanet “the biggest buzzkill,” adding that she “can’t do anything, can’t post anything” and that she was worried about “expressing her culture” for a while as she also happens to be Latina.

Censor finishes up by saying that he believes the two haven’t produced that much content together is because they receive questions and responses about Yanet every time, but now after two years they feel like it has to stop.

Naturally, issues such as these come with the territory, but that doesn’t make it right to make people in relationships feel uncomfortable about old partners. Hopefully this will help Doug and Marilyn turn a new leaf and slow down some of the awkward questions and comments they have to face.

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