CDawgVA takes down Ludwig in surprise ‘slapboxing’ match at Chessboxing event

Ludwig slapYouTube: Ludwig

After the Disguised Toast vs PointCrow Chessboxing match up, host Ludwig Ahgren surprised the audience with a slapfighting match against challenger Connor ‘CDawgVA’ Colquhoun, who confidently stated “it’s time to embarrass you at your own event.” And he did just that.

The final match at Ludwig’s hit Chessboxing Championship — or so fans thought — featured Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang against Eric ‘PointCrow’ Morino in an intense match, where the former eventually won by checkmating his opponent.

But after the match finished, and the audience prepared for the event’s conclusion, Eric ‘PointCrow’ Morino called out Ludwig for not participating in his own event.

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“Yeah yeah, why didn’t you fight?” Crow asked the host.

“I would I would, but…” Ludwig stutters, following up with a long list of excuses.

“I haven’t trained boxing, plus I’m tired and…” the host’s excuses are cut off by Jeremy ‘Jerma953’ Elbertso, one of the main commentators for the event.

“Wait wait wait, hold on a second. Don’t you think Ludwig should probably fight tonight?” the commentator asked the audience, which was followed up by shouts of support.

“I don’t know how to box, they don’t know how to box,” Ludwig states, resisting the idea.

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“Oh you don’t have to box at all, you can do something completely different!” Jerma instantly replies, before heading into the audience to find a worthy contestant to fight against Ludwig.

He walks up to CDawgVA, who has his hand nonchalantly in the air. “I think it’s time to embarrass you at your own event,” he states, challenging Ludwig to the first ever slap-chess match.

After final match of the night begins, and the two trade blows, Ludwig explains the rules: “The way this works, we have four rounds of slapping and four rounds of chess.”

Judging from the explanation of the rules and the fact that they had a sponsor for the slap table already prepared (CashApp), it’s clear Ludwig already knew about the finale and was really just putting on a show for the audience.

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After an intense match, Jerma announced the victor: “And the winner… CDWAG!”

Ludwig slapfightYouTube: Ludwig
Ludwig laments his loss to CDawgVA at his own Chessboxing event.

“Thank you for purchasing this belt, so I can own it,” CDwagVA states in the beginning of his victory speech.

However the Welshman also took time to highlight what really mattered on the night: “Shout out to Ludwig for making the best event yet!”