Catherine McBroom explains why ACE Family “protected” people who hurt them

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Catherine McBroom of the ACE family vlogs in a car
YouTube: The ACE Family

The ACE family’s Catherine McBroom has opened up about her family’s life behind the scenes, explaining that there is much more than meets the eye, that they’ve chosen to keep private.

Catherine McBroom and her family have an enormous following online with 19 million YouTube subscribers, and while they’ve had success, such as their business ventures in the form of drinks brand Silly Juice and Catherine’s skincare brand 1212 Gateway, they’ve had a lot of controversies.

Austin McBroom has faced rumors of a secret daughter and allegations of rape, while both Catherine and Austin were accused of scamming fans with the family’s $50-per-month millionaire program.

Right now Austin McBroom is preparing for the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing card in which he will take on Bryce Hall, and recently they clashed in a brawl at the press conference.

"Catherine McBroom rubbishes claims that her husband has a "secret
Instagram: Austin McBroom
The ACE family have often been subject to controversy

However, on top of that, despite the family revealing so much of their daily lives, it turns out there is much more than meets the eye. Catherine McBroom decided to post her own 45-minute long vlog on some of her experiences and speaking on how they separate their private and public lives.

“There’s a lot of private things that have happened to me, that have happened to Austin and I together, in business, and in family and all sorts of things,” Catherine began.

(Topic starts at 4:00)

She explained that this was a conscious decision, adding, “I feel like us not publicly speaking about those things over the years was mainly to protect those people.”

Catherine implied that even aside from the dramatic events publicly known, the family has been through much more than you might think. “What’s crazy is we’ve protected even people who’ve done us wrong and who’ve hurt us and stolen from us… We feel like putting that energy out and talking about it, it just makes more problems.

“I’ve never really gone into detail in the things that I’ve really experienced,” she said, before discussing her mental health, and even revealing that she has a deep fear of the ocean.

While it is clear the ACE family would like to keep the details of these events private, naturally, fans are now more curious than ever.

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