Catherine McBroom calls out people “blaming” her for $10m mansion foreclosure

. 7 months ago
Catherine McBroom posing for an Instagram picture
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After the ACE Family uploaded a video revealing the full story of how their mansion was foreclosed, Catherine McBroom has called out people who are “blaming” the couple for the issues they had with the property.

Catherine and Austin McBroom are a couple that runs the ‘ACE Family’ vlog channel, where they document their lives with their kids in videos they share to over 19 million subscribers.

In July 2021, there were reports that they were being evicted from the huge mansion that they feature in their videos, and they finally addressed the claims in a video uploaded on November 28, titled ‘Our House. Story.’

They claimed that they had been “scammed” by the contractor, realtor, and architect they used, experiencing a slew of construction issues across the house.

As they never received their certificate of occupancy, they struggled to take out loans for the property, which is why it ultimately went under foreclosure.

The video certainly caused a stir online, with fans and critics alike not hesitating to share their opinion, but after the video was uploaded, Catherine responded to some of the criticism she had been receiving about the situation.

“I don’t want anyone to feel bad for me,” she wrote on Instagram, after thanking fans for their support. “This is not about that. If it was I would have shared this all years ago.”

“And for those [who] are criticizing our decision and blaming us for the issues, shame on you,” she went on to say.  “People need to understand that this all started in 2018, 4 years ago when I believed in people. I believed that people were good and honest.

Catherine McBroom writes on her Instagram story

“I believed that I was around good people but we were taken advantage of. It’s caused me to move differently and change my trust due to life experiences. It was a learning lesson.”

After someone commented saying “all you’re talking about is cheap material, as if you deserve the highest quality,” Catherine replied: “I paid for the highest quality, but it was pocketed. That’s what corrupt contractors do. If you really pay attention you’ll understand but the problem with people like you is that you’ve already made up your mind about me. You don’t care to listen. There’s a reason why we have two ears and one mouth. Listen more.”

Catherine McBroom writes on her Instagram story

In their original video, Austin and Catherine revealed that they just got a new house, and many are already curious to see how this one will fare compared to the previous one.

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