Casey Neistat pulled over by police on fake Tesla Cyberbike

YouTube: Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat was pulled over by police in a video posted on February 3, which saw him traversing around Los Angeles on a fake “Tesla Cyberbike.”

The YouTuber and filmmaker opens his video with a montage of him driving around on an electric bike that looks to be a two-wheeled version of the Tesla Cybertruck, which was first revealed in November 2019.

It’s somewhat chunky for a bike, but it looks clean and has the Cybertruck edges that make it look more like a spaceship than a road vehicle. Naturally, it caught a lot of attention, and Casey made sure to show it off and explain to people what exactly he was driving.

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YouTube: Casey Neistat.
Although not officially a Tesla vehicle, the “Cyberbike” definitely looks like it could be.

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The bike, which was designed by Casey and Super73, is one of the company’s standard new vehicles but covered with an aluminum frame, which Casey says they “got carried away” with and ended up simply designing a Tesla-inspired Cyberbike.

When he starts to explain the Cyberbike to viewers, Neistat is very honest. “While you can ride the Cyberbike, you can’t ride it very well, especially when you have to make a turn,” he says.

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Showing a close up of the handlebars, which are simply sticking out of a hole in the aluminum case, they look difficult to maneuver as they scrape along the casing. He reveals that the “Cyberbike” casing around the bike is simply a deterrent to stop people from seeing the actual bike itself due to it not being ready for public eyes yet.

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Nonetheless, it looks great as Neistat travels around Santa Monica and the infamous LA beaches, catching a few strange looks as he does so.

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He goes on to describe the Cyberbike as “kind of janky, it sort of works, it’s hard to drive and it’s not particularly safe,” showing off his incredible sales prowess before taking a look at the difficult building process of the bike.

Finally, towards the end of the video, the police sirens ring and Casey explains what’s going on to the officer who asks if it’s an electric bike or a motorbike, and questions their use of a drone, of which certain laws have to be adhered to for its usage.

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Though we don’t see what comes of the police encounter, it’s clear the officer isn’t too concerned and Neistat, obviously, gets away from the situation without too much hassle.

Although this bike isn’t actually a Tesla, we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s given Elon Musk an idea of what to work on next…