Casey Neistat implies David Dobrik may not be happy with documentary about him

. 4 months ago
Casey Neistat

David Dobrik might not be too excited for Casey Neistat’s brand new documentary which chronicles the fallout surrounding the social media star.

Neistat has been hard at work on his Dobrik-focused documentary called “Under the Influence” since 2019.

With the film’s premier at South by Southwest on March 12, Neistat talked to Variety, where he revealed he hasn’t spoken to Dobrik since conducting the final interview for the film.

Dobrik “has seen the film”

Casey Neistat/Youtube
Neistat and Dobrik were working on the film together, until allegations against Dobrik came out in 2021.

Neistat told Variety that after the Business Insider article released with multiple allegations against Dobrik in 2021, the vlogger’s attitude towards the project changed dramatically.

“The only time he engaged on camera after that article was released was for one final interview,” Neistat revealed. “It’s an interview that has a very different tone from the rest of the film. It’s an interview that is also peppered throughout the film, and it sandwiches the opening of the movie and end of the movie.”

Casey also said that while he knows Dobrik has seen the film, the two haven’t spoken since that final interview, so he doesn’t know how he feels about it.

“He has seen the film,” Neistat confirmed, adding that he “certainly can’t speak for” whether or not Dobrik liked it or not.

Where to watch “Under the Influence”

David Dobrick has started a brand new TV show on Discovery channel since the 2021 allegations came out.

If you want to watch “Under the Influence” for yourself but weren’t able to attend South by Southwest, you might be in for a bit of a wait, as Neistat is still looking for a distributor to pick up the documentary.

Given how big of a name Dobrik is and the unprecedented behind-the-scenes access Neistat was granted (before the 2021 allegations at least) we’d say you probably won’t have to wait too long to see it somewhere.

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