Casey Neistat claims David Dobrik hasn’t talked to him in a year over new documentary

Facebook: Casey Neistat

YouTube star Casey Neistat recently revealed that he hasn’t talked to David Dobrik in over a year after releasing his documentary on the controversial figure at South by Southwest.

Casey Neistat is one of YouTube’s original creators. Boasting over 12.4 million subscribers, he’s best known for his former daily vlogs in New York City. Most recently, however, he’s been hard at work on a full-fledged documentary.

Recent allegations against David Dobrik relating to the Vlog Squad have made the 25-year-old a hot topic  – so much so, that Neistat made him the focus of his documentary.

Since this documentary premiered on March 12 at SXSW, Neistat went on to reveal that he hasn’t engaged with Dobrik in over a year due to the project.

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Neistat hasn’t talked to Dobrik in over a year

In a recent interview at SXSW, Neistat revealed that he hasn’t talked to Dobrik in over a year after former Bussiness Insider journalist, Kat Timbarge, exposed Dobrik in regards to sexual assault allegations, back in March of 2021.

“You know he and I were really in touch quite a bit after that Kat Timbarge reporting, after her article came out in Insider, which was the huge disruptor,” Neistat said.

He also claimed it was the “catalyst for the shift” in focus with his documentary. “The last time he and I spoke was shortly after that final interview,” Dobrik told SXSW.

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(Neistat comments on Dobrik at 12:35 in the video below)

In addition to not talking to the 25-year-old YouTube star, Neistat also confirmed that Dobrik has in fact seen the documentary, but was wary about telling SXSW how the vlogger felt about it. “I think that’s probably a better question for him to answer than me.”

While there is no telling when Neistat’s documentary “Under The Influence” will be available for the public, we do know that it’s still being privately viewed until March 16, 2022, at SXSW.