Caroline Calloway randomly returns with TikTok account and confuses everyone

caroline calloway tiktokTikTok: CarolineCalloway

Social medial star Caroline Calloway has returned to TikTok, putting her back in the spotlight for the first time in years, and her first posts have left many fans confused.

Caroline Calloway rose to prominence as an Instagram star known for wild and long-winded captions that accompanied each of her posts.

She reached even higher peaks of fame when in 2019 when her ghostwriter, Natalie Beach, wrote a tell-all describing her time behind the scenes with the social media star.

Since then, she’s mostly retreated from the public eye and has even emptied out her Instagram page which now has zero posts.

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Although her Instagram is dormant, she’s returned on TikTok in March 2022 with a series of videos.

Instagram: Caroline Calloway
Calloway has over 600k followers on Instagram.

Caroline Calloway returns to TikTok

On March 2, Calloway posted a string of TikToks going over the “eras” of her life.

The videos accumulate into a five-part series explaining her early college days and her perspective on what happened with her former ghostwriter.

She detailed how she built such a massive following on social media while at Cambridge via buying ads from book fandom accounts, an audience she could entice with her own book she was promoting titled And We Were Like.

The 30-year-old social media star also teased her plans for the future, “I realized that my purpose in this world is writing a book. I don’t have many books in me. I always knew since I was little that I’d be a famous memoirist and that I’d have one important book and I need to make that for the world.”

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One fan in the comment section shared how baffled they were by the posts, “POV: you have literally no idea what’s going on.”

Another follower added to the chorus of confusion, “I literally cannot believe I’m seeing this live.”

Whatever Caroline decided to do next, she knows the world will be watching.