Carl’s Jr. customer blasts “Karen” for yelling at employee

Carl’s Jr. customer blasts “Karen” for yelling at employeeTIKTOK: therealvideomattpresents

A Carl Jr. customer went viral on TikTok after calling out a “Karen” at the restaurant for yelling at an employee.

In a viral clip with over 690,000 views, content creator Matt (therealvideomattpresents) recorded a woman berating a Carl’s Jr. worker over some sauce.

“Look at that, that is like horrible,” the woman told the employee, while handing him what appeared to be a sauce in a packet. “I don’t know who gave it to me, but you know that right? That’s disgusting.”

As the “Karen” kept critiquing and yelling at the employee, Matt chimed in, sticking up for the worker. 

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“You know these guys have a hard job. It’s just some sauce, ma’am,” he said. “You need to show people respect, this is America, show him respect.”

The woman said she’s had experience working in the fast-food industry, and claimed she was showing respect. “This is none of your business!” she told Matt, before returning her attention to the employee.

The TikToker then turned the camera on himself. “You guys be nice when you come out here,” he told viewers. “Stop belittling these people. They’re under enough stress.

“The corporation is making all the money and letting these people have to deal with the front lines. This is horrible. This is not America, this [is] not how we treat our fellow brother and man,” he continued.

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“This is not normal. Wake up, wake up, wake up. This is what we’re breeding. People that just don’t care. They just want to get their food, get their sh*t — live, buy, consume, die.” 

TikTok users took to the comments to praise Matt for standing up for the employee.

“Thank you for standing up for those workers, they deserve to be respected and treated with dignity,” one user wrote.

“Good job bro. Here’s something for people to try. Tell these people who are working that they are doing a good job and thank them for the food,” another commented.

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This is just the latest ‘Karen’ video to take off on TikTok, after a woman caught an angry ‘Karen’ throwing poop and boiling water over her car.