Cardi B goes viral with hilarious commentary of a yacht sinking

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CardiB Yacht commentary
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Rapper Cardi B has gone viral on Twitter and Instagram after uploading videos of a sinking yacht that featured her hilarious narrations. 

As social media continues to provide creators with a way to go viral, more and more mainstream celebs and musicians all around the world are using their platforms to connect with their fans.

Cardi B, for example, has 132m followers on Instagram alone.

The WAP rapper has gone viral yet again, this time on Instagram and Twitter with videos of her hilariously narrating a yacht that was sinking just feet away from her.

CardiB narrates sinking yacht videos

On May 29, CardiB uploaded videos to her Instagram stories as well as Twitter of a yacht that was sinking underwater right in front of hers.

In her video posted to Twitter, she shows the boat over halfway sunk into the water. She said: “It’s sinking! Y’all see that? Y’all see it? Oh my god, they can’t do anything about it? There ain’t no big boat that can save it? It’s gone, it’s gone. Bye-bye. Byeeeee.”

She also shared a couple of videos on her Instagram stories, where she hilariously said the yacht is “in Bikini Bottom.”

Cardi joked: “Haha. SpongeBob is auctioning that b*tch.”

Minutes later, she provided an update to her fans regarding the sinking boat.

She explained: “Update y’all, so there’s a search team looking for the boat. I just saw a scuba diver go down there and it’s like ‘Sir, that sh*t is in Bikini Bottom.’ That b*tch is long gone!”

Her videos have been played millions of times on both social media platforms, with viewers taking to the comments to express how funny they thought Cardi’s narration skills were.

The rapper did not make it clear in her videos whether or not the boat was empty as it was sinking, but we hope everyone involved is safe and sound.

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