Cardboard_Cowboy Takes Streaming Production to Another Level With Amazing Dance

Twitch sensation Cardboard_Cowboy has took his production quality to new heights with an incredible dance routine.

Cardboard_Cowboy is an Australian cowboy, who happens to have a cardboard hat and apparently a body made out of cardboard. Any attempts to question his animation techniques will be met with in character confusion. The streamer is rapidly gaining popularity, in large part due to his moves.

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The latest high production dance came in between matches of Realm Royale and was set to a Bruno Mars song.

It started off innocent enough with a few shoulder shakes, but quickly turned provocative as Cardboard_Cowboy’s moves were as suggestive as cardboard could be. It even involved twerking.

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Eventually, his horse Douglas arrived for a quick ride. According to Cardboard_Cowboy, Douglas would join the stream to play games too, but he can’t because of his hooves.

For now, Douglas is relegated to non-gaming activities like dancing.

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The dance clip ends with a groundbreaking technology that allows Cardboard_Cowboy to simultaneously show 16 different feeds of his stream. Ninja would have a hard time matching this production value.

You can watch Cardboard_Cowboy’s high production dance clip below.