Captain Sandy explains how she’s changed since Below Deck debut

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Some Below Deck fans criticized Captain Sandy Yawn during Season 10 for the firings she made in the absence of Captain Lee. Taking the wheel of a multi-million dollar superyacht is a tough job, and with that comes big decisions. So, what’s changed since she debuted on Bravo TV?

Since joining Bravo’s hit TV show, Captain Sandy has become a household name in a way that not many superyacht captains would have imagined possible before Below Deck’s emergence.

As an experienced navigator, she has shared some of her worst stories on the job, such as a fire on board and being chased by pirates on the ocean.

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During an interview with Forbes, she was asked about the changes she has experienced since making her debut in Below Deck Mediterranean and becoming a brand.

Captain Sandy explains what changed since Below Deck fame

“Honestly, it never entered my mind [brand]. When I got on the show, I realized that who I connect myself with – and I learned this when I got sober – really speaks volumes about who I am and how I walk through life.

“I am very discerning about who I connect with because it has to really resonate with me, and it has to be authentic… If somebody hands me a product and says, ‘hey, I’ll pay you this much if you say you love the product,’ – I’m not going to do that. I’m going to try the product and see if I really like it, and then yes… I turn down a lot of stuff.”

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Watch the full interview below from Forbes, with this segment starting at 14:40.

“Looking at the brand, I see myself as a business person that wants to do something with a purpose… then make money,” she added.

“I am a yacht captain. I create dreams, and I get paid. It’s a big responsibility. Being on a TV show, now I’m creating something… but then there’s another layer where millions of people are watching so I’m a role model now. Let’s be good, Sandy, I think to myself.”

In addition to that, Sandy noted that she has tried to stop swearing on-screen and composing herself in stressful moments in a way that perhaps she would not use to, mindful of the audience.

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Giving a note to viewers about when she is really angry on-screen, she hinted: “When I start saying the F-word, that’s when I’m really mad.”

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