Canadian “Karen” freaks out in Walmart for not getting hired

walmart karen freaks outTikTok/supram23

A “Karen” in Canada is going viral for absolutely losing it at a Walmart after they didn’t hire her.

Karens have been going viral for years now with the internet quickly identifying women who freak out in public or spout nasty racist comments at others.

Walmart has often been the site of many breakdowns and the latest example comes from Brampton, Ontario in Canada, but maybe not for reasons you’d expect.

In a TikTok making waves on the platform, a “Karen” started yelling at staff and accused the store of “only hiring Punjabis.”

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Karen loses it after not getting hired by Walmart

The video, which has been taken down and reposted several times since originally being uploaded and going viral, a woman can be seen crying about how she applied to work at Walmart, but was rejected.

“You are only hiring Punjabis!” she screamed while holding a child. “It’s true! I applied here and got rejected!”

At one point, a staff member accuses her of being racist, but that just made her snap more and make a startling claim about her own personal life.

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“My husband said he would marry me only for citizenship and then he called me a white trash girl. So don’t tell me about racism!” she sneered. “If you don’t want me to be racist, then you should be a nice person.”

Following that, the Karen once again brought up how her application was rejected, but an employee, possibly a manager, blamed her attitude on why she wasn’t able to get the job. In the comments, users seemed to agree while others took her side.

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“I think she made it clear why no other business will now hire her,” one user remarked.

“If she has an issue take it up with the manager,” said someone else.

It’s not clear how long the argument lasted for or if police were called, but the incident has attracted quite a bit of attention, with the video amassing over 1.5M views in only a few days.

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