Camille Lamb from Below Deck is starting OnlyFans and fans are split

camille below deck onlyfansInstagram: Camille Lamb

Below Deck Season 10 star Camille Lamb has finally responded to requests for her to join OnlyFans and the decision has split the fanbase of Bravo TV’s hit show.

Lamb was picked by Captain Lee Rosbach to join the crew for the latest season of Below Deck US, where she enjoyed one of the most dramatic runs in the series’ history.

She was in a boatmance with Ben, fired by Captain Sandy Yawn, and then caught in a love triangle with new stew Leigh-Ann.

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After they wrapped up filming, Camille started up her own music career and stated her intentions to join Love Island. In addition to that, it seems content creation is now on her radar.

Is Camille from Below Deck on OnlyFans?

On March 26, 2023, Camille responded to fans asking about an account on OnlyFans that used her name – charging OnlyFans users a subscription – confirming it is not run by her, but she will be launching a real page.

After fans asked about the accounts, she said in an Instagram story post: “That was an old account from when I tried out OF two years ago. I joined a management company and they were going to run it. I don’t even have the login link to it anymore.

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camille lamb onlyfansCamille Lamb, Instagram
Camille Lamb has announced she’s re-joining OnlyFans and will manage the content herself.

“So don’t give your money to these people. My account that I will personally run will be live this weekend. I can’t wait yay!”

The timescale she noted means that her OF page could be set up and ready to go at any moment. Though, currently, it is not featured in her Instagram bio or LinkTree.

Below Deck viewers respond to OnlyFans announcement

In another Instagram post, where she did not refer to OnlyFans, Camille was flooded with comments about the decision. Some were in support of the move but others were skeptical about it.

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One said: “Camille you are better than OnlyFans. Don’t let people pressure you into selling your body you are an artist and deserve respect. Please think about your future those photos get saved and taken photos of and sent everywhere immediately.”

Another said: “Tbh your an artist, so you can do an OnlyFans that promotes your art or whatever else you want. I think it’s a great idea.”

A third user asked: “OnlyFans?” to which Camille replied: “You gonna be there?”

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“Get it girl!” one other fan chimed in.

Previously, Alissa Humber, who was involved in a feud with Camille throughout Season 10, shut down requests for her to join OnlyFans.

So, with Camille becoming the latest Below Deck cast member to join the content creation platform, it remains to be seen if she can replicate the success of Ashley Marti – who says she earned more from OF than her entire time on Bravo TV.

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