CallMeCarson thanks Dr K for Katerino stream with insane $10K donation - Dexerto

CallMeCarson thanks Dr K for Katerino stream with insane $10K donation

Published: 25/May/2020 22:38 Updated: 6/Jul/2020 23:42

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber ‘CallMeCarson’ dropped in on ex-girlfriend ‘Katerino’s’ live conversation with Twitch’s resident psychiatrist ‘Dr. K,’ donating a massive amount to his broadcast with a jaw-dropping message.

For those unaware of the ongoing drama, CallMeCarson shocked fans by taking an unexpected hiatus from social media in March, citing his mental health as part of the reason for stepping back from content creation.

A month later, Carson appeared to confirm rumors that his girlfriend, fellow entertainer Katerino, had cheated on him — allegations that she later admitted to in a short video on YouTube.

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Following this news, it was revealed that Katerino had supposedly been involved with multiple content creators at once, leading to mass backlash against her despite Carson’s attempt at dissolving a “witch hunt.”


A month later, Twitch streamer and psychiatrist Alok ‘Dr. K’ Kanojia announced that he would be featuring Katerino for a broadcasted conversation, a common occurrence on his channel and a huge draw for fans.

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During their session on Monday, May 25, the unthinkable occurred; CallMeCarson made an appearance via donation, dropping an eye-popping $10k to Dr. K with a simple, yet scathing message: “Thank you for helping her.”

Dr. K visibly took note of the donation, but said nothing as Katerino summed up her time on his stream, while the chat went wild with various reactions.

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“It’s fine, they can do whatever,” Katerino remarked after Dr. K brought up the fact that she didn’t want viewers to either hate her or sympathize with her. “You know? They got a mind of their own. They’re just chillin’.”

After ending the session, Dr. K finally reacted to Carson’s donation, openly awed at the massive amount Carson had donated.

That’s not all; Carson also reportedly donated subs to both Katerino and former friend ‘Fitz’s’ Twitch channels, spurring backlash against the YouTuber for his surprising act of kindness in wake of drama that completely upended his life for the better part of two months.


While this isn’t the first time he has reacted to the drama, it marks a massive statement from a content creator known for his genuine nature, despite having been wronged.