BTS destroy multiple YouTube records with Dynamite video

BTS Dynamite videoYouTube: BTS

Hugely popular K-pop group BTS have seemingly broken the record for most views within 10 minutes of uploading a YouTube video as over 20 million fans piled on to watch their Dynamite video. 

As far as YouTube records go, fans and analysts are continually keeping an eye on who has the most subscribers, which video has the most views, and even what upload has amassed the most dislikes ever. 

Though, there are some fan bases that that do their utmost to get the most eyes possible on a video as soon as it launches. This includes the rabid fan base behind K-pop sensations BTS. 

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Back in February, YouTube had to respond to claims that they had deleted millions views from their ‘ON’ video after fans managed to flood the servers to watch it’s premiere. That record-breaking video had 18 million hours after it had been live for four hours, but the BTS fanbase have gone above and beyond yet again. 

BTS kpop group accepting award.Ajeong_GM/Wikimedia Commons
BTS is one of the biggest K-pop groups in the world.

With the music video for Dynamite, the group’s first song to be recorded completely in English, going live on August 21, BTS fans had viewed it over 10 million views in just the first 20 minutes.

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On top of that record-breaking viewing figure, the army of K-pop fans had also liked the video over 1.5 million times. Within an hour of the video being live, they’d already managed to double the 10 million views to 20 million.

According to Bandwagon, the live premiere of the video also managed to break a YouTube record for most concurrent viewers with a live count of between 3 to 4 million people at once. 

As of writing, the rapid view rate on the Dynamite video has slowed down, but it has been viewed over 45 million times in its first seven hours.

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What the final first-day view total ends up at remains to be seen, but on the whole, the video looks set to be one of the most popular music videos ever on YouTube.

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