Bryce Hall reveals why he wants to fight KSI’s brother Deji next

Bryce Hall reveals why he wants to fight KSI's brother Deji nextInstagram: Bryce Hall / Deji

Bryce Hall revealed he’s thinking about lacing up the gloves and stepping back in the ring soon. His opponent? None other than KSI’s brother, Oladeji Daniel ‘Deji’ Olatunji, who also lost at Battle of the Platforms.

Bryce handled the criticism quite well after losing his fight against Austin McBroom at Battle of the Platforms. He planned to take on KSI next, but it didn’t eventuate. KSI even mocked him for barking up the wrong tree.

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But it seems like he isn’t ready to hang up the gloves yet.

Not only did he square off against a German influencer in a friendly backyard boxing match, but he also revealed that he plans on making KSI’s brother, Deji, his next opponent.

Bryce Hall knocks out German influencer "for Addison Rae"YouTube: Bryce Hall
Bryce Hall isn’t ready to call it quits on boxing yet.

“I might actually step in the boxing ring soon,” he told The Hollywood Fix.

“Honestly, a lot of people want me to fight Deji. That might happen. That might be the next one.”

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Bryce also admitted he likes Deji, which is no surprise given his heartfelt response after Deji called himself a failure for losing against Vinnie Hacker.

“Deji is actually such a good guy, man. It sucks to see people clown him for something they’d never get the opportunity to do,” he said.

While nothing is set in stone, Hall is confident the fight might happen. The fact they get along means it should be easier to organize.

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After all, Bryce is now on his own after leaving Sway House, and based on his recent antics, he’s got plenty of fight left in him.

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