Bryce Hall to star in TikTok-inspired horror movie

Bryce Hall to star in TikTok horror movieInstagram: Bryce Hall

Sway House celeb Bryce Hall is slated to star in a TikTok-inspired horror movie called ‘Skill House.’ Here’s everything we know about the film so far.

Bryce Hall is the latest social media star to grace the silver screen, following Addison Rae’s acting debut in Netflix’s ‘He’s All That’ last year.

However, rather than playing a bit part in a viral chick flick, he’s getting a much bigger role this time in a full-fledged horror production.

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Hall, 22, is a co-founder of the TikTok group ‘Sway House,’ who once had an infamous beef with rival group the ‘Hype House’ — so it’s safe to say the subject matter of his next big venture is something he’s quite familiar with.

Bryce Hall in he's all thatNetflix
Bryce Hall made an appearance in ex-girlfriend Addison Rae’s debut film, ‘He’s All That.’

What is the ‘Skill House’ movie?

Skill House is an upcoming horror film inspired by TikTok.

Described as “a dark satire of social media and influencer culture,” the film is set to explore “how far people will go for online fame.”

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The movie is being directed by Spiral: The Book of Saw writer Josh Stolberg, who opened up about the plot of his next big flick in a statement to The Wrap.

“When a young kid from Maryland, like Bryce, with nothing but a cell phone and a ring light, can attract tens of millions of followers on Tik-Tok and Instagram, it evens the playing field for everyone,” he said of the project.

“But there’s a dark side to this new entertainment landscape, and I’m excited to flip that rock over.”

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Bryce Hall ani energyInstagram: anienergy
Bryce Hall is a massive TikTok star who is taking his career to the next level in an upcoming horror film.

Skill House is being produced by Ryan Kavanaugh’s Proxima Studios, who said the movie hopes to “break the boundary between the short-form social media phenomenon and long-form content.”

“Bryce is one of the most recognized and polarizing influencers, with over 50 million followers, and will certainly be a crossover star,” Kavanaugh explained.

“The film digs deep into the human psyche and the new generation’s thirst for stardom, asking how far they would go? It will be bloody, it will be dark, and it will certainly be talked about.”

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hall comments on skill house movieInstagram: Bryce Hall
Bryce Hall celebrated his upcoming film over on Instagram.

Hall is celebrating the venture over on Instagram, where he shared several articles about his upcoming movie in a few Stories posts.

For now, it looks like he’s focused on securing a boxing match against the Island Boys amid this next big step in his career.

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