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Bryce Hall thanks police after LAPD confront him over joy rides

Published: 3/Sep/2020 21:06

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok star and Sway House member Bryce Hall uploaded a vlog that showed him being confronted by police as a warning for any potential partying antics — but his response wasn’t what viewers were expecting.

Bryce Hall has become a divisive name among social media celebs, with the TikToker making headlines after being charged with breaking Los Angeles city ordinances for partying in spite of the current global health crisis.

Facing potential jail time and a hefty fine, the power and water were also shut off at Hall’s infamous Sway House prior to his charge by the LA city attorney — and with rumors that the Sway House itself might be going under, it seems that Hall has moved locales.


However, that doesn’t seem to be putting a halt to all of his antics, as the star and his buddies took a short joyride in an ATV in the road in front of his alternative home in a vlog uploaded on September 3.

Bryce Hall and Blake Gray flex while in the midst of a gym session.
Instagram: Blake Gray
TikTokers Bryce Hall and Blake Gray were charged with breaking Los Angeles city ordinances and could face jail time.

His move — potentially along with his ATV-riding stunts — appeared to catch the attention of local law enforcement, who paid a visit to Hall’s home shortly after they parked the vehicle.

“To be brutally honest, we’re aware of what happened in Hollywood,” one officer stated in the video. “You guys are more than welcome to stay wherever you guy stay… it’s the things that could go on or possibly happen.”


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That’s not all; the officer also warned the Sway boys to keep their ATV off the street, as it could lead to unwanted attention from mobs of fans — an understandable precaution, considering that neighbors of the old Sway House had to deal with hordes of viewers turning up at all hours of the day after the address was leaked.

Rather than being annoyed by the police’s presence at his home, Bryce actually thanked the officers, writing in a short blurb: “Shoutout to those police officers… They were dope and gave us some really good advice. All love and respect.”


Bryce Hall thanks the LAPD for visiting his home.
YouTube: Bryce Hall
YouTuber Bryce Hall gave a surprising shout out to the LAPD after they visited his home to issue a warning.

It makes sense that Hall might not want to toe the line after his highly-publicized partying antics landed him in hot water — and we’re so here for his change of heart.