Bryce Hall & Sway House roasted in viral TikTok for partying & power cut

sway houseInstagram, @swayla

Bryce Hall and the Sway House boys have been throwing huge parties in violation of California regulations. Now, Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, has disconnected their utilities and TikTok star, Toborowitz, has hilariously roasted the nonchalant partiers. 

Sway House hosted a massive birthday party for Hall’s 21st birthday, the latest in a series of influencer-hosted shindigs that have been exposed on social media for brazenly defying Los Angeleno government mandates. Following this one, L.A.’s Mayor confirmed that he had shut down utilities “at a house in the Hollywood Hills.” 

That utility shutdown was later confirmed to be Sway House and Toborowitz has followed up by verbally shutting down Bryce and Co. in a surprisingly calm roast.

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And he, crediting Bob Ross for inspiration, referenced the governmental action to start the video off: “I know your WiFi’s down, so I thought I’d leave you a message: Happy 21st birthday, man. I saw you threw a little party and I just wanted to say I’m a little disappointed.”

Hall is joined by a variety of male influencers in Sway House, including, but not limited to, Anthony ‘luvanthony’ Reeves, Quinton Griggs, Kio Cyr, Josh Richards, Griffin Johnson, and Blake Gray. Or, as Toborowitz calls a few of them, “Skinny Bryce, Music Bryce, Slightly-More-Handsome Bryce.”

The basis of his criticism of these influencers is relatively simple, aside from tossing in digs like referring to the group as “Sway boy Bryce Hall clones,” Toborowitz makes the crux of his issue with the influencer house very clear: “Throwing massive parties every weekend probably isn’t the best idea right now.”

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This all comes in the wake of Hall’s birthday festivities, in which social media quickly reacted to videos showing the open flaunting of social distancing mandates and little to no face masks in the midst of an 100-plus person celebration.

In response to all of the controversy, Toborowitz’s video comes across with a more concerned, familial energy to it. Although he most certainly squeezes in some definite roasts despite the chilled out cinematography and tone.

But at the end, he makes his position very clear to influencers like Hall and their fans: “If you’re a fan of these influencers and you see them going to parties, just know that they have a small brain. And you shouldn’t do what they do, because you’re smart, and they’re not. Thank you for your time.”

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