Bryce Hall surprises fans with cameo in Addison Rae’s ‘He’s All That’ movie

Bryce Hall poses for an Insta pictureInstagram: brycehall

Fans were surprised to see Addison Rae’s ex and fellow TikTok sensation Bryce Hall appear in her new movie ‘He’s All That’ which finally came out on August 27.

People have been anticipating Addison Rae’s acting debut for months, ever since it was announced that she’d be starring in romantic comedy ‘He’s All That’ across from male lead Tanner Buchanan.

The movie was finally released on Netflix on August 27, and although some viewers praised Addison for her performance, critics’ reviews were decidedly mixed.

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However, it certainly has proven to be entertaining viewing for fans of the TikTok sensation, as some of her close friends even ended up making appearances in the film.

Addison Rae in the trailer for He's All ThatYouTube: Netflix
‘He’s All That” came out on Netflix on August 27.

When the trailer dropped in early August, fans noticed that Kourtney Kardashian had a cameo, the two stars known to be good friends.

But people were even more surprised upon the release of the movie when they spotted TikTok star Bryce Hall had made an appearance. The pair used to be a hugely popular influencer couple, but they broke things off in March, 2021.

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After Bryce congratulated Addison on her performance, the star thanked him for his support, and instructed fans to “be sure to watch #HesAllThat on Netflix to see if you can spot Bryce.”

The influencer only appeared in the movie for a short moment, and even though he didn’t have any lines, fans were delighted to see that he’d made an appearance.

People loved seeing the former couple support each other over social media, and now a new wave of viewers are flocking to Netflix to see if they can spot Bryce for themselves.

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