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Bryce Hall sued over “racist” fight at Mexican restaurant

Published: 19/Apr/2021 23:57 Updated: 20/Apr/2021 10:58

by Bill Cooney


Bryce Hall is reportedly being sued for a fight at a Mexican restaurant, where it is alleged that he used racial slurs to address staff.

Bryce Hall’s brawl last year in an L.A. restaurant has apparently resulted in a lawsuit, with the owner claiming the TikToker and YouTuber used racist language and refused to stop vaping.

Video released in October 2020 by TMZ shows Hall involved in an altercation at a Los Angeles eatery called Cinco, where Hall (in a white, long-sleeved shirt) can be seen getting pushed off of another man.

According to the co-owner of Cinco, Hernan Fernando, Hall and his friends showed up at the restaurant back in October, and were drinking.


Bryce is said to have ignored a warning by a manager to stop vaping at his seat. Hernan said he told staff to “close out Bryce’s tab” after he refused to stop after a second request.

This allegedly caused Bryce to call Hernan a number of racial slurs and blow vape smoke in his face, also reported by a waitress.

A fight broke out where Hall, his friend and producer Rory Fitzpatrick, and others, allegedly beat Hernan, with Hall even getting him into a chokehold until he was pushed off (as you can see in the video from TMZ).


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Byce Hall hasn’t responded to news of the lawsuit just yet.

Cinco held Bryce’s credit card so he couldn’t leave before police arrived, and while they were waiting, the co-owner said the influencer went off once again, yelling “Who the f**k are you? I’m from Bel-Air, and you’re just a fat Mexican who works at a restaurant.”

Hernan told TMZ that he’s seeking an unspecified amount from Hall in a lawsuit for “assault, battery, emotional distress” and “attacking him based on his ethnicity.”

Hall is yet to reply to news of the lawsuit, but we’ll update you as soon as more details emerge.