Bryce Hall starts fight with Stromedy’s friend who was “hating” on him online

YouTube: Bryce Hall

TikTok star Bryce Hall is already making waves ahead of his highly anticipated boxing match with Stromedy after angrily confronting his friend.

Encountering the friend while training, Bryce accuses the “hater” of being fake towards him and says his “energy completely changed in person”. He said he would “f**k [them] up”, to which to the friend quipped “you’ll f**k me?” Hall then moved nose to nose with the friend before shoving him. “You don’t f**king piss me off,” the friend said.

“Or what?” Hall taunted. As the conversation continued to heat up, he demanded that “if you’re going to look at me like that, get in the ring and face me like a man.”

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“If you get in that ring, [Hall] will put you to sleep in three seconds,” Bryce’s trainer,  warned. When the friend walked away, Hall said “I’m right here, I pushed you, but you’re walking away like a little b**ch.”

With the confrontation forming part of Bryce’s vlog, a lot of fans were left skeptical of the encounter, with several suggesting that it was merely a publicity stunt to hype up the upcoming fight.

For instance, one Twitter user said: “This is such an embarrassing publicity stunt. Very obviously fake and unnecessary. Focus on more important things instead rather than some petty YouTube drama.”

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Another fan quipped that they “caught secondhand embarrassment from the video.” Others took this as proof of rumors that Bryce Hall was taking steroids, with a fan on Twitter saying that Bryce “needs to lay off the juice.”

YouTube: Bryce Hall
Hall challenged Stromendy’s friend to settle their differences in the ring.

“What is it with these TikTok boys needing to prove their masculinity?” another user asked. “They think if they fight someone it makes them tough and cool? Seriously? Aren’t we trying to prevent more violence in the world? People like this don’t deserve a platform.”

However, on Bryce’s channel, fans were much more in his corner. One commenter said “Tbh I feel like both have too much ego when they talk on their own cameras, not on either side but the story is that other guy only boxed for 3 days, while Bryce for months.” Others said the “hater” deserved it.

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This latest drama comes just days after Hall shared a war of words with Austin McBroom, another YouTuber he is set to fight, on social media. Branding him “McBumf**k,” he taunted Austin about being “in better shape than him” and said he’d be willing to take a blood test to prove he’s not on steroids.