Bryce Hall spills secrets with Addison Rae in gross Sway House truth or dare

Bryce Hall Noah Beck YouTubeYouTube: Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall has never been one to shy away from controversy, but this time he’s taken the Sway boys and his girlfriend Addison Rae along for the ride.

Members of the Sway house and the Hype House in LA have typically gathered a lot of drama, clearly, Bryce thought things had been a little too quiet lately, deciding to force them to answer some pretty revealing questions.

Taking influence from James Corden’s Late Late Show, Bryce persuaded Addison, Noah Beck, Blake Gray to participate in Spill or Fill your guts, where they each have to decide whether to answer a question or instead eat or drink something disgusting.

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While James Cordon’s version of the game often includes salmon smoothie, bull penis, bird saliva, and cod sperm, Bryce brought out ghost pepper hot sauce, oyster juice, and aged seaweed, much of which was actually consumed by the TikTokers.

Bryce Hall Sway Boys TikTokInstagram: Bryce Hall
Bryce challenged the Sway boys to answer some juicy questions

Noah refused to rank TikTokers’ music from best to worst, which includes his girlfriend Dixie, and the D’Amelio family members, which resulted in his having to eat some pretty disgusting food.

Blake also asked him about a day out at the beach he had with Dixie and Kurtis, but Kurtis “went home early and mad.” Noah’s refusal to answer definitely raised more questions.

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Meanwhile, Addison refused to speak on brand partnerships she has hated, her least favorite celebrity she worked with, and which Kardashian family member she liked the least.

Bryce appeared to have a little more to reveal. When asked “Do you think Dave Portnoy separated sway” by Noah, Bryce said, “he definitely changed the vibes for sure.” He also sheepishly drank oyster juice when Blake asked him, “Bryce you shit your pants the other week and you took a photo of it, show the camera the picture.”

Bryce looked shocked when Addison also asked him, “Have you ever hooked up with one of the sway boy’s girlfriends,” to which he seemed stumped for an answer, choosing to eat and oyster instead, while Blake looked into the camera and said, “after that question, I’m kinda scared man.”

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We can only imagine how awkward the room must have been once the cameras stopped rolling. It seems Bryce might have some more questions to answer in private.