Bryce Hall slams TikToker who called him out for collabing with 14-year-old creator

TikTok: Bryce Hall, Futurebombs

Bryce Hall has responded after a TikToker by the name of Futurebombs called him “creepy” for collaborating with a 14-year-old creator. 

From complimenting Addison Rae to challenging the Island Boys to a 2v1 boxing match, TikTok star Bryce Hall has made quite a name for himself. With over 21 million followers, Hall receives millions of likes across his wide variety of videos.

On April 5, a TikToker by the name of ‘Futurebombs’ uploaded a video calling Bryce ‘creepy’ for collaborating with a 14-year-old creator named ‘anokhinalz.’

The TikTok star has responded with Instagram stories and TikTok comments, calling for Futurebombs to be banned for “spreading false narratives.”

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Bryce Hall responds to TikToker calling him “creepy”

Futurebombs uploaded his video calling the TikTok star a creep for collaborating with a young creator, claiming that she makes “inappropriate” content for her age.

Shortly after, Bryce Hall took to the comments to express his disdain towards the creator.

He said: “You’re a creep for even saying this. You’re 36 making TikToks bro. I get you talk about me for numbers, but this is so far outta pocket.”

Bryce hall calls Futurebomb a creep for calling him out

In a second comment, Hall went on to say that Futurebombs is a “freak” for making the video.

He said: “This isn’t something to joke about. You’re a freak for even saying all over me making a video with another creator.”

bryce hall second futurebombs comment

However, Bryce didn’t stop there. In an Instagram story, the TikTok star called for the creator to be banned.

“This old man should be banned for throwing around false narratives to his young, impressionable audience,” Hall wrote. “And, if it’s some kind of joke, then he should find a new sense of humor because this guy is the furthest from funny.”

Bryce hall calls for futurebombs to be banned

At the time of writing, the only response from Futurebombs is a reply to Bryce’s comment on the video where he mentions the star is “problematic” for “co-signing” on the type of content the young creator makes.

The rest of the comments, however, are split between support for Bryce and support for Futurebombs’ comment. We’ll have to wait to see if the two creators continue their interaction.