Bryce Hall shocks fans by claiming he will be a father in 2023

Bryce Hall fatherInstagram: brycehall

Bryce Hall revealed that he is expecting a child this year, the influencer announcing the news online in both an Instagram post and a Twitter update. However, moments later, it appeared the shock announcement was nothing more than another prank.

Fans of Bryce Hall were completely shocked when the influencer posted a photo on his Instagram story of what appears to be sonogram images of a child. Following these images, he took to Twitter to seemingly confirm the news. 

In the tweet, Hall wrote that he has been “hiding this from social media for about 6 months now and felt it was the right thing to do but with rumors starting to spread thought I’d address it.” 

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And while the comments sections of the Tweet are filled with people congratulating the influencer, the announcement is now known to be false. A simple prank by Hall but one that has garnered a major reaction online. 

In a video addressing the prank, he spoke about how he was worried “people are going to believe this sh*t.” It appears that Hall was right, as many are now speculating who the mother is and wanting to know more about the fabricated incident. However, some were quick to point out the lie from the get-go, one Twitter user commenting “it’s not April fools babe,” while others replied with gifs calling him out as a liar.’

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Time will tell if Hall addresses the post – and the online backlash it has caused –  in greater detail. If he does, we’ll be sure to keep you in the know.

Bryce Hall is having a tough start to 2023 after getting into a heated fight with security at the XS nightclub in Las Vegas on Friday, January 6. A viral video caught the action as it happened, showing Hall knocking one guard on the side of the head before he was eventually apprehended.

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