Bryce Hall reveals he’s in legal talks with Social Gloves amid compensation fiasco

Bryce Hall taking legal action against Social GlovesYouTube: Bryce Hall, The ACE Family

The Battle of the Platforms threw fourteen of TikTok and YouTube’s biggest creators in the boxing ring — but a month later, the participants still haven’t been paid, and Bryce Hall is taking legal action due to the lack of compensation.

It’s no secret that the entire internet is locked onto YouTube star Austin McBroom after it became known that he owns the Social Gloves trademark — the very same organization responsible for putting on the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event last month.

After initially being called out by Vinnie Hacker and Tana Mongeau for not paying the influencers for their time in the ring, a slew of other purported lawsuits against the ACE Family came to light… but that isn’t stopping the content creators from demanding their pay.

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Sway House star Bryce Hall was notably fighting in the main event on the June 12 card, against none other than Austin McBroom. Hall notably stated that he was getting a hefty $5 million payout from the project, as well as 4% of pay-per-view sales.

However, after a month has passed and no payment has entered his account, it looks like the self-described “Party Animal” is taking legal action against Social Gloves.

In an interview with paparazzi from the Hollywood Fix on July 13, Hall claimed that he was in legal talks with the organization to secure his lost wages.

“Legally, we’re talking to them,” Hall said, after claiming that he had heard from the org amid the financial fallout.

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More ominously, when asked if he would be getting paid at all, Hall replied: “I’m sure everything will come out very soon.”

As for what Hall plans to do with his $5 million, the TikToker stated that he wants to buy his mother a house. (Wholesome AF, right?)

For now, it doesn’t look like we’ll be hearing any more from Hall until the issue comes to light further down the road — but for now, it looks like all eyes are remaining fixed on McBroom as the Social Gloves drama continues to take over social media conversations.