Bryce Hall responds to outrage over avoiding ‘charity donation’

Georgina Smith
Bryce Hall takes a selfie in the mirrorInstagram: Bryce Hall

TikTok star Bryce Hall has revealed the truth behind a viral video that shows him and his friends skipping someone asking for a charity donation on Omegle, showing DMs of the individual explaining that it was actually a joke charity.

Bryce Hall is a TikTok star with over 16 million followers on the app. His content on TikTok and YouTube varies from dances to pranks, and recently has been posting a lot of content featuring partner Addison Rae.

However, Hall is no stranger to a scandal, having come under fire this year for rule-breaking parties, and restaurant fights that had his face plastered all over social media.

Yet the star does not shy away from delivering receipts to prove the real truth behind these controversies, and this definitely seems to be one of those situations.

Sway House LAInstagram: swayla
The Sway House is a collective of male TikTokers with tens of millions of followers.

People were outraged when a video went viral on TikTok, showing user Harris Cole talking to Bryce and his friends on Omegle, an anonymous chatting website. After the initial surprise of seeing them, Harris said “yo, are you guys down to donate to my charity?”

They begin to ask what it’s for, before one member of the group abruptly reaches for the skip button and their screen goes blank. While it doesn’t seem to be Bryce that actually pressed the button, because he was sitting the closest to the computer it led to many people placing the blame on him.

“Bryce literally doesn’t deserve his platform,” one commenter wrote, another saying “someone needs to humble these ‘influencers’” with a clown emoji.

The original video received almost 300,000 likes, but shortly after the video went viral, Bryce took to his own TikTok account to duet the original video, with screenshots of DMs from Harris Cole.

In the messages, Harris explains that “I was asking everyone on Omegle to donate to my charity, and then describing absurd charity ideas.” He explains one of his bizarre charities, and said that Bryce and his friends ended the call just before he was about to say it, writing “it was going to be so good.”

Bryce’s duet now has over 500,000 likes, with the comments primarily defending him against the onslaught of criticism he received for the incident, highlighting that “Bryce didn’t even skip it” and saying they wouldn’t have donated in that scenario either.