Bryce Hall & Mads Lewis respond to dating rumors after claims they were “flirting”

. 5 months ago
Bryce Hall next to Mads Lewis
Instagram: brycehall / madslewis

TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Mads Lewis have responded to rumors that they are romantically involved after paparazzi claimed they were “flirting” in a post-workout image.

Viral video platform TikTok is home to plenty of huge influencers with large followings, and fans always like to keep an eye on the latest dating rumors about their favorite creators.

Both Bryce Hall and Mads Lewis have been the subject of scrutiny when it comes to their dating lives, with Bryce previously rumored to be involved with Riley Hubatka, and Mads Lewis at the center of the drama surrounding ex-boyfriend Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett’s relationship.

The two stars were unexpectedly involved in rumors together after paparazzi account pap.galore posted an image of them chatting in workout gear on February 10.

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The caption read: “NEW COUPLE ALERT? @brycehall and @madslewis were seen flirting outside dogpound after working out together.”

Fans were quick to call out the post, with one writing, “No. They’re just friends stop it,” and another saying, “Please they have a sibling-type friendship.”

Bryce and Mads themselves then replied to the caption themselves in comments of their own.

“Wow, since I didn’t want to take pictures with you after working out. This is the caption. So false,” she wrote. Bryce simply said: “Omfg…”

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Following the response from the pair, the comment section of the image continues to be flooded by messages from fans slamming the caption and defending Bryce and Mads.

While it’s clear that these two aren’t romantically involved, fans are still keeping an eye out for any developments in their love lives amid speculation that Mads split with her boyfriend Christian Plourde.

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