Bryce Hall knocks out German influencer in backyard boxing fight "for Addison Rae" - Dexerto

Bryce Hall knocks out German influencer in backyard boxing fight “for Addison Rae”

Published: 26/Jul/2021 9:02

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Bryce Hall knocked out German influencer JamooTv in a backyard boxing match after he challenged him to a fight for Addison Rae’s love even though the two of them aren’t dating anymore.

Bryce and Addison used to be the power couple of the influencer world. It all started when sparks flew after they started collaborating on TikTik back in 2019, and it eventually blossomed into a full-blown relationship.

But unfortunately, things didn’t work out for them. Addison confirmed they had officially broken up in March 2020, which led to a bitter falling out that involved blocking each other on social media, cheating rumors, and more.


Things still aren’t peachy between them, but they’ve both moved on. However, German influencer JamooTv is still stuck in the past.

After declaring his love for Addison, he’s been pestering Bryce to fight him for her love. Bryce hesitantly accepted the offer and knocked him out in a two-round backyard brawl.

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae
Instagram: Bryce Hall
Addison Rae and Bryce Hall officially called it off on March 25.

JamooTv has never been in a fight before. Naturally, that meant Bryce, who is the more experienced fighter, took control right out of the gate. He got caught with a good hit early on but went on to land multiple one-two combos to the head and body.


His dominance continued in the second round, and he eventually floored JamooTv out with a clean left straight to the jaw. He managed to get back up but was immediately knocked out with the same type of punch.

Once the fight was over, the two hugged it out and proceeded to slam down some shots. Bryce even said, “in the first ten seconds, you got me,” and went on to claim that JamooTv hit harder than Austin McBroom.

In the end, it was all fun and games, and there was no bad blood between them. However, they still put on a good show for their fans.