Bryce Hall has perfect response for Addison Rae’s hot take on mustaches

. 3 weeks ago
Twitter: BryceHall, AddisonRae / Instagram: addisonraee

TikTok star Addison Rae isn’t a big fan of mustaches… unfortunately for her ex-boyfriend, Bryce Hall, who had the perfect reply for her facial hair stance on Twitter.

Addison Rae is one of TikTok’s biggest stars. Boasting over 87 million followers on the viral video app, she’s also branched out into acting, music, and makeup, and already has a multi-film deal with Netflix in the bag.

Her ex-boyfriend, TikToker Bryce Hall, is also set to grace the silver screen in the near future. Recently, he’s been boasting a mustache in several of the photos he’s posted to social media.

Rae’s current boyfriend, guitarist Omer Fedi, is decidedly bare-faced… and Addison seems to like it that way.

Addison Rae posing for an Instagram picture
Instagram: addisonraee
Addison Rae is one of TikTok’s biggest stars.

On June 8, the TikTok star posted her opinion on facial hair to Twitter, writing: “I just can’t get into the mustache thing full time.”

Of course, Bryce Hall ended up seeing this post… and he had the perfect reply. In a tweet, he linked out to Rae’s post with a photo of himself sporting his current mustache and a confused expression.

Bryce Hall reacts to addison rae tweet
Twitter: brycehall
Bryce Hall was a little confused by Addison Rae’s stance on ‘staches.

Hall’s bestie, fellow TikToker Josh Richards, couldn’t help but poke fun at the hilarious interaction between the exes and quote-tweeted the post with the caption: “Saw the opp and took it.”

Hall hit back with another humorous statement: “But like, who doesn’t like the ‘stache?”

This isn’t the first time Hall has made a big statement with his hair; it wasn’t long ago that the Sway House star got a mullet from fellow influencer Jeff Wittek, which he wasn’t shy about showing off on the Gram.

Although Addison has yet to respond to Bryce’s comment, it certainly made for a hilarious moment between the former couple that has fans across the net waiting on Rae to reply.

This is just the latest wholesome interaction between these exes, after Hall said Rae was a “beaut” amid the release of her SnapChat series in March.

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