Bryce Hall has hilarious response to Addison Rae blocking him on Twitter

Bryce Hall reacts to Addison Rae blocking him on TwitterYouTube: Bryce Hall / Instagram: addisonraee

TikTok star Bryce Hall had a hilarious response after ex-girlfriend Addison Rae suddenly blocked him on Twitter — and he’s apparently unfazed by the situation.

Addison Rae and Bryce Hall used to be one of TikTok’s most popular pairings… but unfortunately, this couple didn’t end up lasting very long.

The two internet stars were off-and-on for months before finally making things official in November 2020. However, the pair broke things off in March 2021 after rumors of cheating swirled around Bryce.

Since then, Addison has struck up a romance with guitarist Omer Fedi, with whom she’s been going steady for over a year.

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Bryce, however, has been a little less open about his own relationship status, although he says he’s busy filming a movie with rapper 50 Cent. That being said, he and Addison seemed to be on decent — if distant — terms… until now, that is.

Bryce Hall unfazed after Addison Rae blocks him on Twitter

On November 2, Bryce uploaded a TikTok where he revealed that Addison had suddenly blocked him on Twitter.

“First L of 2022,” he captioned the video, which showed himself dramatically crying while paired with audio from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, with Kim saying: “He blocked me! What a f*cking loser!”

Clearly, Bryce was poking fun at the entire situation and doesn’t seem to be too choked up over the whole thing… but this isn’t the first time Addison has purged him from her social media.

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In fact, Hall claimed that Addison had blocked him “on everything” back in August, saying “She’s done with it all.” This was around the time that her father, Monty Lopez, was caught purportedly cheating on ex-wife Sheri Easterling.

Since then, it looks like Addison has distanced herself from much of her family (and, apparently, Bryce), with sources saying that she was “mortified” by her dad’s actions.

For now, it’s not looking like Addison is interested in what her ex-boyfriend is doing on Twitter, and she’s continuing to keep quiet about her personal life in wake of her family drama.

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