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Bryce Hall embarrassed after accidentally texting Josh Richards instead of Addison Rae

Published: 10/Feb/2021 13:09

by Alice Hearing


Bryce Hall has been left embarrassed after he accidentally sent a text meant for his girlfriend Addison Rae to fellow Sway Boy Josh Richards.

Since they revealed to the world that they’re an item, it’s been no secret that TikTok star Bryce is the ultimate simp over Addison Rae. He’s even said it himself in a recent Instagram post of the pair kissing. But this Sway boy also likes to keep up a little bit of a bad boy image.

In the past, Bryce has gotten into altercations, challenged other creators to a fight, and even been arrested. He’s had plenty of online beef with not just other TikTok stars, but even the Mayor of LA for a party he threw in 2020.


When it comes to Addison, he publicly dotes over her, but it’s different when private messages become public. His close friend Josh Richards shared the embarrassing proof with the world after Bryce sent him a screenshot of his phone display and wrote “thanks for the new wallpaper baby.”

Addison Rae and Bryce Hall hug
Instagram: Addison Rae
Bryce and Addison confirmed they were dating in late 2020

After realizing what he’d done he quickly followed it up with “HAHAHA F***”, but Josh replied “no problem dude,” and added, “broo that’s too funny.”

Josh was quick to embarrass his friend, deciding to share the mistake with the world on Twitter and captioned the screenshot with “Would officially like to say you’re welcome to Bryce Hall for his new wallpaper.”


Bryce was clearly mortified, but he graciously responded with, “I knew as soon as I sent that it was over… always check the person you’re texting before you send a simp text.”

It may have dented Bryce’s bad-boy persona a little, but Braddison stans were over the moon to see a public display of affection, while others have even begun to ship Bryce and Josh, giving them the nickname “Brosh.”

If anything is clear, it’s that Bryce and Addison are incredibly loved up right now.