Bryce Hall claims Sway House is officially “dead” despite surprise reunion

Bryce Hall declares sway house is overYouTube: Bryce Hall

The Sway House has been in a state of limbo for the past year, with many fans speculating the org has finally gone under — a theory that co-founder Bryce Hall just confirmed.

The Hype House and the Sway House were once rival groups that had taken over the TikTok sphere. While the Hype House produced such stars as Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, the Sway House birthed influencers like Bryce Hall, Noah Beck, and Josh Richards.

A year after their initial heyday, it looks like both orgs have fallen out of the limelight, with nearly all the Hype House’s big names leaving the group and Sway House failing to upload any collective content after their reality show some months ago.

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Things got even more curious after Bryce Hall tweeted out that he’d left Sway and had moved out of the Sway House into his own bachelor pad. He even seemed to get into some beef with his friend group, throwing shade at just about everyone who was in Sway.

Sway House is “dead”

However, the drama took a confusing twist after the Sway boys were seen hanging out together in a series of TikTok videos in their new and improved gym.

Despite this surprising reunion, Bryce Hall is claiming that the group is officially “dead.”

“Sway has been falling apart for a while, especially since the reality show,” Hall explained on an episode of the BFFs podcast. “And then the last string you could say would be me, Noah, and Blake, and that last string just went out the f**king window. So, it’s just completely done now.”

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That’s not all; Hall claimed that he’d been looking into another house for the Sway team, but his message had been blatantly ignored by Blake Gray, while Noah Beck was on the fence about the offer.

“I wouldn’t say there’s bad blood, just, I’m not gonna associate,” Hall said of the situation.

Well, there we have it folks; it turns out the boys’ “reunion” was a mere photoshoot and one that was fairly awkward due to their ongoing beef at the time of filming.

For now, it appears that the Sway House is well and truly over, leaving fans wondering what’s next for all parties involved.

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