Bryce Hall begs “weirdo” TikTok fans to stop sending drones to spy on him

Bryce Hall DronesInstagram: Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall has had enough of “weirdo” TikTok fans trying to send drones to invade his property and privacy and promised he will take matters into his own hands if he ever sees one again.

TikTok influencers like Bryce Hall have to deal with creepy fans and their antics from time to time. It’s an unfortunate downside to their immense popularity and highly publicized lifestyle.

However, Bryce Hall, in particular, hasn’t had an ideal start to 2021. He already had to deal with a creepy stalker invading his house. Fortunately, he contacted the police, and nobody was harmed. Now he’s had to deal with a different kind of trespass on his property – flying drones.

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Bryce Hall poses for a vlog introYouTube: Bryce Hall
Bryce Hall is sick and tired of “creepy” fans invading his property and privacy.

It appears that some fans have been sending drones on his property to spy on him. It’s hard to tell whether it’s a prank or something more sinister, but that’s beside the point. It’s a gross invasion of privacy regardless of the intention.

Bryce has had enough. He vented about it on Twitter and didn’t mince his words.

“Stop flying drones to look into my house… f**king weirdos,” he wrote. It sparked a discussion between his followers. Most of them were appalled and pointed out that this kind of behavior is “disgusting” and “illegal.”

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Bryce Hall was understandably frustrated about the situation. It’s an invasion of privacy and technically a form of trespassing. Plus, since drones can capture and share unwanted footage on the internet, it could have had disastrous consequences.

“I swear, next time I see a drone by my house, I will personally fly my drone into yours and break both of them,” he added in a subsequent post. Some followers thought his reaction was hilarious.

However, the majority of them believe it’s warranted and urged him to do it.

It’s a serious issue that nobody would want to go through. But unfortunately, it’s not that uncommon for influencers and other internet personalities to have to deal with these kinds of situations.

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David Dobrik was recently left terrified after a fan broke into his house with a Door Dash meal. Roman Atwood also revealed that a situation with a stalker forced him off YouTube.

Bryce will undoubtedly hope his comments and threats have discouraged others from flying drones onto his property. However, it’s probably a good idea for him to bump up his security and surveillance to help nip it in the bud once and for all.