BrookeAB and Pokimane speak out against “gross” YouTube clickbait thumbnails

Twitter: pokimane / xbrookeabx

Popular Twitch streamers BrookeAB and Imane ‘Pokimane‘ Anys have hit out against YouTubers using their name and image alongside suggestive thumbnails, calling it “gross”.

BrookeAB is a relatively new streamer, having skyrocketed in popularity since May 2019, and is now experiencing some of the downsides to that internet fame.

Her relationship with fellow Fortnite streamer Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier has contributed to her success on Twitch, but is now, unsurprisingly, being used as material for clickbait thumbnails on YouTube.

On August 6, BrookeAB spoke out about the “gross” thumbnails and titles, explaining that her family will often look her up online and could come across the content.

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The streamer said that posting clips or highlights from her stream is “one thing”, but to post “blatant lies” is another, sharing a screenshot of a video titled ‘SYMFUHNY & BROOKEAB *ACCIDENTALLY REVEAL THEIR *S3XUAL* STORY.

The thumbnail includes text like “Brooke touched my peen” and “Sym was so s3xy IRL.”

Pokimane has been around the world of streaming for much longer, and is more experienced with the dirty tactics used by YouTubers responsible for these videos.

In her case, it’s often been paired with TSM member Ali ‘Myth‘ Kabbani, who also responded to BrookeAB, explaining it’s part of the business.

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Pokimane appears to be resigned to the fact that it can never truly be controlled, “especially YouTube clickbait”, and that instead the streamers need to focus on educating viewers that not everything they see is to be believed.

The video highlighted by BrookeAB now appears to have changed its title and thumbnail, removing the more blatant references. However, the description still says “accidentally reveal their s3xual side.”

It’s not the first time BrookeAB has endured the darker side to being a popular streamer, after she and her family were apparently sent threats, prompting her to take a break from Twitch.

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Despite these troubles, the rising streamer continues to grow in popularity, and is set to surpass half a million followers soon.